Order details
1. The above price does not include VAT. ( vat 7% )    
2. All products are in branded packaging. KST 
3. Order amount 20,000 baht or more Free shipping  
4. Order amount is less than 20,000 baht Delivery via Kerry Express Within 1-2 day (Collect freight

5. Deliver goods no more than 1-3 days from the date of purchase (in the case of goods with stock)    
6. Products that are not in stock Deliver goods within 45-60 days (after receiving the purchase order)
7. Order by email: k-owasit@kstermianls.co.th   Tel : 0-2170-8621-2  Fax : 0-2170-8623


term of payment The above price does not include VAT. 

1. Pay in cash (According to company conditions)
2. Pay in credit (According to company conditions)
 Example: In the case of credit for 30 days, purchase of goods, month 8, bill all date 1-5 of the month. 9 Make check payment dated check 30 months 9

Supporting documents for requesting credit to buy products
1. Copy of company certificate Issued by the Ministry of Commerce no more than 6 months before the date of the request
2. 1 copy of VAT registration certificate (Por. 20) / 01 or 09 each (copy of the document must have the certification of the authorized signatory and the company seal)  
3. Company map, delivery location, billing location – check receipt (in case of different places)            

♦ Payment via PlomptPay No. 0115556000653
♦ Credit card payment Can click on the button to order products
♦ Transfer money via bank or ATM account, account name of KS Terminal (Thailand) Co., Ltd. only

KS Terminal (Thailand) Company Limited
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Taxpayer Identification Number: 0115556000653