ปี 1973

The Establishment of K.S. INDUSTRY CO.

ปี 1976

Successfully developed manufacturing technique of reel type terminals.

ปี 1978

The Establishment of K.S. TERMINALS INC.

ปี 1981

Introduced the product lines of copper non-insulated and pre-insula

ปี 1983

Copper non-insulated and pre-insulated terminals.

ปี 1984

Began the manufacturing of pre-insulated continual terminals and crimping tools.

ปี 1986

The Establishment of a second plant and successful development in self-made stamping dies.

ปี 1987 - 1993

Introduced TQC (Total Quality Control) system.

ปี 1994

Installed the first automatic storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), which was subsequently integrated with MIS system, and the ISO quality assurance system.

ปี 1995

Began the manufacturing of din terminals and cord-end terminals. Acquired the ISO 9002 certification in December.

ปี 1996

The official acquisition of ISO 9002 certificate in January.

ปี 2000

The construction of KST new headquarters and plants completed.

ปี 2001

Established of the third division business unit and metal surface treatment plant. Extended product lines of electronic ceramics, ceramic bases, 3C connectors, and optical-communication components.

ปี 2002

K.S.TERMINALS was officially listed on Taiwan’s stock market.

ปี 2003

The official acquisition of QS 9002 certification.

ปี 2004

The acquisition of ISO 14001 certification

ปี 2006

Acquired the ISO TS 16949 certification and began to carry KST products into the car industry.

ปี 2008

The acquisition of ISO/IEC 17025 testing laboratory certification.

ปี 2010

Acquired the IECQ QC 080000 hazardous substance process man certification.
The official acquisition of TIPS (Taiwan Intellectual Property Man certification.

ปี 2011

The establishment of a remuneration committee.

ปี 2013

Established Thai subsidiary, K.S. TERMINALS (THAILAND) CO. LTD

ปี 2014

Established the 2nd testing laboratory in Suzhou factory (China) and acquired the
ISO/IEC 17025 certification.

ปี 2015

Established Vietnamese and Indonesian subsidiaries